Emily Tow

The Tow Foundation

Emily Tow (she/her/hers) is the president of The Tow Foundation, a family foundation that envisions a
society where all people have a voice in their community and the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of
life. Emily joined the Foundation’s Board of Directors in 1990, two years after its inception, and has
served as the Foundation’s president since 1995.

Under Emily’s leadership, what started simply as a way for her family to give back to the community has
grown into a well-established organization of 13 staff and over $20 million in annual giving. In her role as
president, Emily upholds the Tow legacy by advancing the strategic direction of the Foundation and
engaging the next generation of family members in the work.

Emily’s commitment to the Foundation’s areas of focus extends far beyond her role as president. She is
a trustee of New York Public Radio and The Marshall Project and serves on the Advisory Committee of
the American Theatre Wing. She was appointed by New York’s governor to serve on the New York State
Juvenile Justice Advisory Group. Emily advances the Foundation’s justice priorities through her
engagement with numerous other local, state and national committees and coalitions. Emily also
formerly served as board chair of Philanthropy New York and as a trustee of Barnard College.

Emily speaks nationally and internationally about the Foundation’s work, its commitment to advocacy as
a key to achieving social change, and the value of family philanthropy. She has received numerous
honors and awards, including Connecticut Council for Philanthropy’s John H. Filer Award for leadership
in promoting private action for the public good.

Emily earned her B.A. in history from Barnard College. She received an honorary Doctor of Criminal
Justice degree from University of New Haven in 2017.