Confirmed Speakers

The National Forum on Family Philanthropy brings together many of the world’s brightest and most inspiring minds to discuss their perspectives and experiences in the field. Attendees can find the most up-to-date list of plenary and concurrent speakers using the Forum's app (desktop or mobile). Please refer to your email for more information on accessing the schedule.

  • "NCFP not only provided an opportunity to gain critical insight to effective grantmaking strategies but also a safe space for people to learn and share their experiences in a very warm and supportive environment."

  • "This is the most consistently substantive and interesting philanthropic conference I've attended, out of dozens in the past 20 years. Staff, sessions, attendees, attention to detail all were outstanding."
  • "The National Forum was a rich opportunity for family funders to learn, share, connect, and perhaps most importantly, question their own assumptions about giving and the potential of of philanthropy now and in the future."